Thursday, 18 April 2013

Deus Ex Scene

Sorry folks, haven't posted in a while it seems! Clearly I've got to keep this more updated otherwise what will that 1 guy who views my blog think?! Here's what I've been working on recently. This was done over the course of 2 and half weeks in my hours away from work, so realistically I'd say this probably took more like 7 days to create this scene. I wanted to demonstrate my current abilities by doing some personal scenes, as a lot of the stuff I do at work is all under non disclosure top secret military mumbo jumbo, bah! This was really fun to do after a long stretch of just doing odd assets here and there, it was good to really crunch down to finish something and assemble it in a scene. It's also taught me a lot more about planning,. like it's really important to get your block out and proportions right! If you use the grid properly, it'll make your life soo much easier. Anyways, keep updated as I'll be posting more arts soon!

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