Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Typhoon 25MM & Regatta Hotel

Ah, it's been a very busy few weeks! Got back from my holiday in Melbourne & immediately got straight back to working on 3D art. It's been very hectic as I've been job hunting & then doing multiple art tests while doing contract work in addition to my own personal stuff I want to do. Now that I'm done with the two of the art tests, I believe I can show them now. :)

So this one was doing for KBR or Catalyst Interactive, a military simulation company that uses CryEngine 3 based in Canberra. It involved me taking an existing high poly that was directly exported out of CryEngine & creating a LOD that was half triangle count & then furthermore to texture it. This was very fun, but my god was the mesh flow messy so that made it a bit of a challenge to fix.

Will post more work soon, making some hand painted environments for a iOS project I'm currently doing, so keep checking back!

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